Coca Quiding

E. Novo/ E. coca quid mixtures. According to Ratschs Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants

Additives for Coca Chewing

Abrus precatorius  – Dried Leaves – Powder
Amaranthus sp. (ataco, aromo) – Herbage without roots – ashes
Aristeguietia (Eupatorium) discolor  (isphinhuy) – Herbage – ashes
Astrocaryum munbaca (rui-re-go palm) – Leaves – ashes
Baccharis tricuneata (tayanqa) – Herbage – aroma
Brugmansia spp. – Fresh leaves – pieces of leaves
Cactaceae (K’achilana) – Cactus flesh – ashes
Capsicum spp. – fruit – chili powder
Cecropia spp. (yarumo trees) – fresh leaves – ashes
Cecropia palmata – leaves – ashes
Cecropia ficifolia  (wa-ko-bo-ta) – leaves – ashes
Cecropia peltata – leaves -ashes
Cecropia sciadophylla (guarumo, setico) – leaves – ashes
Chelonanthus alatus – root – powder
Chenopodium ambrosioides – Entire plant – ashes
Chenopodium hircinum (yuyo, quinoa, ch’api) – Herbage – ashes
Chenopodium pallidicaule – Entire plant – ashes
Chenopodium quinoa – Entire plant – ashes
Chenopodium spp. (ajarilla, illincoma) – Herbage without roots) – ashes
Cortaderia atacamensis (cortadera) – Flowers – ashes
Costus amazonicus (na’-ka) – Leaves – ashes
Costus erythrocoryne – Leaves – ashes
Diplotropis maritiusii (ka-ma’-ma) – Leaves – ashes
Distictella pulverulenta (“Vine for coca ashes”) – leaves – ashes
Eupatorium sp. (suytu suytu) – Herbage – aroma
Helianthus annuis (sunflower) – Flower petals – ashes
Heliconia sp. – roots – ashes
Ipomoea batatas (sweet potato) – rhizome – flour
Iriartea exorrhiza (paxiuba palm) – leaves – ashes
Musa x paradisiacum (banana) – roots – ashes
Musa sapientum (banana) – leaves – ashes
Musa spp. (banana) – leaves – ashes
Mussatia hyacinthina (chamairo) – bark – pieces of bark
Nicotiana tobacum (tobacco) – leaves – paste, powder
Octea opifera – fruits – ashes, powder
Octea simulans – leaves – ashes
Plumbago coerulea (asul fiaqchu) – herbage – ashes
Portulacca oleracea (verdolaga) – herbage without roots – ashes
Pourouma cecropiaefolia (curura, uva de monte) – leaves – ashes
Protium heptaphyllum (breuzinho) – Resin – smoke (to fumigate the coca)
Puya weberbaueri (taynu) – flowers, dried – ashes
Schinus molle – fruits – red pepper powder
Senecio sp. (chula chula) – leaves – pieces of leaves
Solanum topiro – seeds – powder
Solanum tuberosum (potato) – tuber – flour
Stylogyne amplifolia – leaves – ashes[?]
Styrax anthelminticum – bark – ashes
Styrax spec. nov. – bark – ashes
Suaeda aff divaricata (jume) – herbage without roots – ashes
Tachia guianesis – leaves – powder
Tachigalia cavipes – bark – powder
Tachigalia paniculata var. cornosa – leaves – ashes
Theobroma cacao – fruits -ashes
Trichocereus pasacana – flowers, fruits without seeds – ashes
Trichocereus sp. – fruits – ashes
Vernonia sp. – fruits – ashes
Vicia faba – roots – ashes
Vochysia ferruginea – leaves – powder
Zea mays (corn/maize) – corn silk, stems, cobs – ashes

The ashes are made by taking the fresh foliage/leaves/root/etc and putting it in a metal or ceramic pot and cooking it over a fire without any water or anything and letting it turn to ash. They are Ash to add Alkaline to the mix, to help with absorption.

Next are some Coca Substitutes that were used when Coca wasn’t available.

Chenopodium arequipensis (coquilla)
Cordia nodosa  (tabaco chuncho)
Couma macrocarypa (Sorva, Juansoco)
Cydonia oblonga (Membrillo, quitte)
Dodonea viscosa
Erythroxylum acuminatum (Coca de mono)
Erythroxylum cataractarum (Coca de pescado)
Erythroxylum finbriatum (coca brava)
Erythroxylum gracilipes
Erythroxylum macrophyllum (coca brava)
Lacmellea spp (2 species)
Lacmellea lactescens
Lacmellea cf. peruviana
Rosa sp. (rosa)
Sonchus oleraceus (wirikocha)
Stylogyme amplifolia (coca silvestre, jipina coca)
Urmenetea atacamensis (coquilla, coca del suri)
Werneria dactylophylla

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